The special Yacht insurance policy prepares you for any eventuality.

Contest Brokerage BV has specialised in the insurance of luxury sailing yachts for many years. The firm is related to an expert and independent insurance broker, highly experienced in looking after its clients interests.

The clearly formulated terms and conditions are perfectly explicit and, should you be unfortunate enough to suffer any kind of damage, you can rely on a fast and accurate settlement. It could not be more straightforward.

The policy provides you with full cover to the best possible measure of certainty. It will also save you a tremendous amount of time working through endless paperwork. After all, owners of a Contest or other Quality Yacht have better things to do with their valuable time. For detailed information please call, fax or email us.

Why choose the special "Contest Yacht Insurance" ?

  • Comprehensive fixed-valuation cover
  • 50% No Claims Bonus from the start (maximum)
  • Third Party Legal Liability Cover EUR 5..000.000,--
  • Household Contents insured up to 20% of the Insured Amount for the Vessel
  • Extensive Insured Areas
  • Road Transports of the Vessel insured
  • Accidents of persons on board insured
  • Last but not least: adequate and compliant Claims handling